What Is The Composition Of The Nail Tool

- Dec 19, 2017-

Nail cutters

1. classification: nail clipper has the size of the sub, followed by the previous end of the shape to divide, there are two kinds of flat head and inclined plane.

2. usage: wash hands after the first flat head nail scissors to cut off the required length, such as nails on both sides of the nail is too deep, and to the direction of a long trench, application of bevel cut on both sides of the nail nails.

3., note: when you cut your nails, you can't cut it too deep, whether it's a flat nail clipper or a slant nail clipper. If you use nail clippers more often, the nail bed will become shorter and shorter, which will affect the appearance of nails, especially women. Do not cut the two corners of the front end of a nail when a square manicure is repaired.

Nail file

(1) classification: manicure file mark file and color file, also known as the flower file.

2. usage: cut the length of the nail file or filed by the first flower on both sides of the front end of the order after grinding, grinding into the shape.

The nail (usually have 6 kinds of shapes: A, B, C, square square round oval D, E, F, circular pointed horn. A manicure can suggest that the customer choose the shape of its own according to the customer's hand.)

3. note: the use of files and file nail grinding flower shape, we must pay attention to the fine grinding nails on both sides of the front end shape must be rounded.

Hand bowl

The 1. category is: bubble hand bowl has two kinds of import and domestic, professional bubble hand bowl should be just the shape of a hand, put the hand on the top, just coincide with the shape of bowl.

2., use the method: pour the bubble hand or warm water into the bowl, first immerse the left hand, then change the right hand after five minutes, so that it can clean the nail and soft skin.

3. precautions: cold water and hot water should not be placed in the bowl.

A skin softener

A skin softener is a milky white liquid, can accelerate the softening degree.

1. usage: soaked hand towel, the softener is uniformly coated on the nail surface.

2. note: do not be softener on a cover, to prevent a cover to be softened.


1. classification: the push rod is divided into wood push rod, steel push rod and peels sand bar.

2., the way of use: in the professional beauty salons, most of them are steel push rods, with the side of the elliptical flat head pushing the finger skin on the fingers to the palm, so as to make the nail cover look slender. Use the other head to scrape the cuticle that remains on the nail.

3. attention: when pushing the finger skin should be moderate, not too hard, so as not to damage the methyl, otherwise it will affect the growth of the nail.


1. classification: the skin tongs are made of stainless steel, with scissors (curved finger scissors) and pincers.

2. usage: use the skin forceps to just push out dead skin, burns, the finger is beautiful and neat.

3. note: use the finger skin forceps should be careful not to be directly cut, pull pull, so as not to damage the finger skin, and can not be cut too deep.

Manicure massage oil

The 1. category: nail massage oil, also known as nutritional oil or nail edge oil, can be divided into: Almond containing ingredients, vitamin A and vitamin E and other nutrients.

2. method of use: take a small amount of massage oil around the pruned hands and skin, and massage with a little finger. It refers to skin moisture, prevent nails around long burns, make the skin soft, and protect the nails healthy and glossy.

3. attention: the use of nutrient oil every day, the amount should not be too much, otherwise it will appear too greasy.

Polishing file

1. classification: there are three polishing strips and two kinds of polishing blocks.

2., the way of use: generally, black, white and ash are used in order of polishing. The black surface can be thrown on the nail surface. The white surface can throw the nail surface more finely, and the gray surface can shine the surface. After these three procedures, the nail will appear bright and bright.

3. note: if the customer's cover is thinner, it is not possible to throw the coarsest side of the four sides of the polishing block, or the nail will be thinner. Do not rub back and forth when polishing, because the heat produced by friction will be discomforting.

Bottom oil

1. classification: the bottom oil has calcium base oil, protein bottom oil, moisturizing base oil and so on.

2. use: the top oil after polishing the nail. Choose the bottom oil according to the nail texture of the customer. If the nail is soft, you can use calcium oil. If the nail polish is applied before the nail polish, the oil will prevent the yellowing of the nail and play a nutritional role.

3. note: the professional nail must be coated with oil before coating the oil.

Nail Polish

1. classification: the oil is divided into common type and fast drying type.

Using 2. methods: A, dark nail polish coating: a dark nail polish coating volume should not be too much, otherwise it will show thick and uneven. 2-3 times, each time thinner, the effect will be better. Coated B, light color nail polish: pink and light oil and a series of improper use of easily expose the coating is not uniform in the traces, coated with a first layer of the need to pay particular attention to the inclination of the nail dipping and brush nail oil, and the first layer of dry as soon as second layers of coating, which is very important. C, pearlite oil coating method: pearlite oil is easy to dry, dip a little bit of oil on the brush, smear it as soon as possible.  Otherwise, it will appear uneven, so the brush should be used upright, in order to avoid the left traces, first apply the two sides, then apply the middle.

3. note: painted onto the finger skin, can not be painted nail, case was dirty, and can affect the respiratory nail.

Light oil

1. kinds: light oil is divided into ordinary bright oil and UV bright oil.

2. use: bright oil on the dry nail polish, can protect the oil and lengthen the shedding time. If you do crystal armour, you should use anti - yellow and UV - proof oil.