The Many Functions Of The Shampoo Bed Make You Feel Comfortable

- Dec 19, 2017-

Today, a massage has become a way for many white-collar workers and other groups after work to relieve stress, the hair salon, beauty salons launched humanized equipment, such as multi-function reclining shampoo bed, shampoo, massage, foot massage set in one.

This shampoo is designed to blend more modern elements, fit ergonomics, and meet the size of Asians. We can observe that the body of the multifunction reclining bed is usually configured to protect the waist pillow, allowing the guests to relax their waists during the shampoo and relieve the fatigue of the day. In addition, the automatic massage can help the guests to allocate different frequency of massage for the guests simply by using remote control, which not only eliminates guests' hair idle time, but also provides more value-added services for their guests.