Skin Management Which Machines To Buy

- Dec 19, 2017-

The skin management project of the beauty salon is the top priority of the beauty parlor. It is beneficial to attract customers and publicize the word of mouth. Compared with the traditional skin management, advanced skin management beauty instruments have become the mainstream of the present. The beauty salon to carry out skin management, which beauty equipment to buy, a detailed understanding of it.

1. Skin treatment instrument

This kind of instrument, also the medical beauty instrument, can carry out many aspects of the skin problem treatment, is the hot spot for the beauty salon to make money. Better skin treatment instruments, including photons, laser beauty, ultrasound, and radiofrequency beauty. Is the total photon beauty instrument beauty equipment, the better is the opt beauty instrument. Laser beauty instrument has advantages in freckle, remove scar, wash tattoo tattoo, the better is the Q laser beauty instrument. The ultrasonic scalpel and radiofrequency cosmetology are mainly used for the treatment of young skin.

2. Skin basic nursing instrument

This kind of cosmetic instrument is mainly used for skin cleaning, exfoliation, water and nutrient solution, tender skin and acne. Better skin basic nursing instruments, including Korean small goblins, Korean small bubbles, photodynamic beauty instruments, water oxygen meter and so on. This kind of beauty instrument is cheap, space saving and better than traditional basic nursing.