Select The Beauty Equipment Should Consider The Factors

- Oct 13, 2018-

First, the efficiency of the instrument

The beauty parlor pays most attention to the efficacy of the instrument, and the effect is significant and lasting. It has become the top priority of the selection instrument for the beauty salon. The effectiveness of the instrument is related to the technology used by the instrument and the quality of its own. Beauty salons often attract customers with new techniques, and they love to pursue popular beauty technology. For example, the classic techniques of anti aging are radio frequency, radio wave pulling skin, ice wave pulling skin and so on. The best way to test the effectiveness of the instrument is to experience it personally. Things are good, the mouth said no, tried to know. Through the experience, you can also learn a lot from the side of the instrument manufacturer.

Two. Price

In addition to the efficiency, the investor's most concern is the price of the instrument. At present, the pricing of beauty instruments fluctuates greatly. Investors can sell three goods. According to their investment budget, they can always find corresponding instruments and equipment in the market. When the price is compared, we can not blindly pursue the low price, but we should see whether the price of the instrument is matched with the technology and efficiency used.

Three, brand

Select well-known brands and regular manufacturers, carefully review the manufacturer's business license, the production certificate and other certificates are complete. Verify that the instrument is the company's own production, or to find people's processing. As well as the technology innovation ability of the manufacturer, whether it has a perfect new product development and innovation ability and so on.  Many manufacturers will be advertised to export their instruments abroad. In fact, many countries have strict quality certification for the introduction of beauty equipment and need to obtain the corresponding certificate of quality for sale in the country. For example, EU CE certification is the symbol of EU security certification, and all products with "CE" logo can be sold in the EU members.

Four. After sale service

Once the instrument problems, the operation and income of the beauty salon will be affected, and the after-sales service is in place, also related to the safety of the operation. At the same time, from the after-sales service can also see the strength of a manufacturer. First of all, we should see whether the manufacturers have the ability to undertake after-sale services, and whether the customer after sale tracking is timely and effective. Secondly, we should pay attention to whether the factory has a perfect strength of technical training and effective marketing plan. Many manufacturers only sell instruments and introduce methods of use, without specific training programs for the store's beauty mentors. Finally, the beauty salon should seriously understand whether the manufacturer can provide spare parts and spare parts for the instrument. For imported instruments, we must also know the price of replacement parts in the future.

To sum up, beauty salons and investors should choose the brand manufacturers who have strong and complete after-sales service projects according to their own conditions when choosing beauty instruments. They can not only see the price of the instrument, or the oral sales promise of the other side.