How To Build A Skin Care Routine Combine With Hydrogen Water Facial Cleaning System

- Mar 15, 2018-

Every time we walk into a skin care salon, normally the step of skin care procedure is cleanse-ultrasound-massage-mask. but cobime with the SK-613 hydrogen water facial cleaning system, you are going to have a perfect prcrdures and the best result for this 2 hours !

1.     Start from the deep facial cleansing by using “Hydrogen Water Peeling”, breaking the traditional hand skills with clean skin, using a vacuum suction and injection method, deep clean the skin pores, eliminate acne and clogged hair follicles various miscellaneous dirt, and by way of injection of Hydrogen , can help extract liquid deep infiltration to the layer in skin .effective  penetration to the skin through repeated suction and injection, so remove all dirt, grease, waste horny, dead skin, acne. and keep skin clean, bright and shiny.

2.     Apply Oxygen Nano Spray and Ultrasonic lead the nutritious moisture instantly into base skin.

3.     BIO and Six Pore Radio Frequency can lift the face skin and remove winkles, promote the collagen synthesis, to restore the elasticity and  make skin young and vigorous.

4.     Frozen Probe helps to lock in moisture, calms and soothes the skin.

5.     Lastly, provide a mask = perfect skin care routine