Hairdressing Salon Precautions

- Dec 19, 2017-

The salon in the choice of tools must pay attention to the choice of tools, if the appliance is not good or buy copycat, that is just like "hungry ribs, tasteless gesture". Special perm machine, oil machine more expensive appliances:

On the one hand, these things are like the fixed assets of you, not just can be replaced, if you choose the copycat machine, greatly reduced the salon grade, was originally a very high grade decoration, but with a garbage perm machine, bought after once unhappy will often unhappy, affect the boss and the staff's mood.

On the other hand, the effect of the garbage machine can't reach the customer's requirements. So to speak, the ironing hair can also get through, but it is impossible to improve the performer's level or the higher requirement of the scalding effect.

General perm machine salon in 2000 yuan or so to reach the salon standard, otherwise only be a hair salon or barber's shop, only this product technology, the machine only can achieve the standard salon perm machine, with the 3C standard, the machine after 3 professional engineers research and development testing, the production process through multi-channel QC detection, life perm machine to reach more than 5 years, the repair rate is almost standard O repair, the machine itself is beautiful and easy, has a certain decorative effect. Other products are not the temperature is not accurate enough material to steal material, the production of machine risk and rework rate is quite large. For example, only a dozen people in the company is a factory production of the machines, no QC were detected in imitation of piracy, and even individual manufacturers of the products are not inferior materials production, coupled with QC detection, can imagine the risk, so these are the perm, hair salon, must pay attention to the problem.