Facial Beauty Instrument Which Is Good

- Dec 19, 2017-

Opt beauty instrument

At present, the market is the most popular high-end photon beauty equipment, and is also the latest generation of the outstanding achievement of the photon technology. With imported sapphire treatment system and epidermal cooling system, it is safer and more efficient than ordinary photon beauty. It can carry out popular beauty projects, powerful, economical and practical, and is an indispensable instrument type in high-end beauty salons.

Q laser cosmetology

The most popular laser cosmetic instrument is improving the pigmented skin problem. It is the best and advanced multifunctional beauty instrument. The price of the instrument is higher, and it is also a more profitable beauty instrument.  Acne, freckle whitening wrinkle, wash tattoo tattoo, blackhead exfoliating, leading technology and competitive advantages.

Ultrasonic scalpel Cosmetology

Ultrasonic knife is a leading high-end wrinkle lift equipment, with a number of patented technologies, to pull the skin wrinkle effect, consumption of a wide range of people, for more than 30 year old women, ultrasound knife wrinkle is the best price, one treatment, 5-10 years old, young lasting effects, very attractive. The consumption standard is high and the profit margin is large.

The above is the most popular high-end beauty equipment, but also the beauty parlor is the most investment potential beauty equipment. It can effectively attract high quality beauty customers with high economic returns. In addition, RF e light beauty instrument beauty instrument and nutrition tansfection, is more commonly used in beauty equipment, there is a certain market.