Clean The Shampoo Bed Some Simple And Effective Method

- Dec 19, 2017-

The shampoo bed basin is light colored marble or glass must be cleaned regularly. How do you clean your shampoo? We will teach you some simple and effective ways to wash the shampoo bed.

1. Bathroom cleaners, you can use bathroom cleaners to clean your shampoo bed. You have to know how to use bathroom cleaners or phenol to clean your shampoo bed. Pour some clean pots and let it stay there for a while. After a period of time, brush the basin thoroughly with a brush. The cleaners of dust and stains will be reduced. Wash the basin and repeat if you feel it's necessary.

2. Use natural remedies - a clean shampoo bed and a natural medicine to make it sterile. This method must use lime juice.  Lemon is a good fungicide, and it can also be used as a tough stain for bleaching. So you can use lime juice to clean your shampoo bed. Pour some lime juice in the basin and keep it for a while. Brush and rinse with cold water after a period of time. Repeating this process often gets good results.

3, coconut shell - coconut shell can also be used as a shampoo bed, etc. Coconut shells and coconut hair are scrubbed so that dirt can be removed in each small pecking basin. Scrubbing a shampoo with ash or natural cleanser is a coconut. This is a great way to clean your shampoo without using any external material. Coconut waste is easier to clean your shampoo bed.

4. Use a bleach - a shampoo - a yellow or brown color if not washed for a long time. You can use synthetic chemical bleaching agent to clean your shampoo bed. Chemical bleaching agents make the basin white and reproduced. These bleaching agents are good to clean your shampoo bed and should be used frequently. They also make the basin smell big and have a good result in the whole.

5, the use of disinfectants including Dettol disinfection also helps make aseptic and clean shampoo bed. This is a great way to clean your shampoo bed, a simple way.