Why more people like multi-functional shampoo

- Dec 19, 2017-

A traditional shampoo bed, usually consisting of a bed, a wash basin, and a deck; the deck is on the top of the bed. However, the function of a single structure shampoo bed is only the function of shampoo, but if customers want feet or spa, then you need to change to another device, which is more troublesome, and you need to spend more money on equipment.

Multifunctional shampoo bed. The novel multifunctional shampoo bed consists of a bed. The shampoo basin is arranged at the top end of a bed body, a foot basin is arranged on the other end of the bed body bottom, a main supporting rod is fixed on the top of the main supporting foot basin, basin is hinged to an auxiliary supporting rod, the auxiliary supporting rod is hinged to a at the end of support rods, and two leg heating and heat preservation device is fixed at the end part of the tail end of the supporting rod. In the structure of the main supporting rod's heat preservation device, the auxiliary supporting rod and the tail supporting rod are heated and arranged on the tail supporting rod, which can flexibly rotate the thermal insulation device, and then can be conveniently matched on the two leg heating and the leg of the client.

The new multifunctional shampoo bed is simple, easy to use, multi-functional, and can be heated and insulated legs, with some beauty bed function. The design of the Jay multi function shampoo is reasonable, simple in structure and good in practicality.