When choosing a barber chair, pay attention to which aspects

- Dec 19, 2017-

1. It is in conformity with the decoration style of the storefront

The barber chair selection can not deviate from the store decoration, must be consistent with the store decoration style, such as the European style decoration store, barber chairs natural products need to purchase European series barber chair, if Jane style decoration is simple selection barber chair can be.

2. Look at the quality of the frame

The two hands will shake the whole haircut back and forth a few more, if it feels better, it shows the frame is firm.

3. Look at the quality of the inner cushion

The high-grade barber chair seat and back bottom multi selection nylon belt and snake spring cross network series structure, above the high elastic foam, layered matting Penjiaomian and light body foam. The cushion is resilient and comfortable. The mid-range barber chair more pressure to plastic fiber board seat and the back bed, above layered medium density foam and penjiaomian. This cushion is a bit hard and slightly resilient.

4. Look at the fabric and sewing

Buy a barber chair to the selection of leather leather. We usually use the barber chair for PU leather and leather material, usually low enough to use the hair salon, but there are also clubs, high-end SPA SALON BARBER CHAIR with leather series, leather barber chair is divided into the leather chair and half leather barber barber chair, cattle leather, the value is very high, and breathable good environmental performance, half leather barber chair in the barber chair back, bottom and other hidden places to PU leather and artificial leather PVC instead of leather, but direct contact with the human body parts are still valuable leather, thereby reducing the cost of the barber chair, price comparison cheap beauty. The barber chair is divided into yellow cowhide and water cowhide, which are divided into head layer, two layer skin and three layer skin according to the number of layers; it is divided into domestic and imported skin according to the place of origin. The choice of high quality leather haircut chair must be the first layer of yellow cowhide. Purchase leather barber chair, leather to plump luster, no scar, texture clear lines, with the tip of the finger to hold a upwards tug, should feel soft and strong, take the wrinkles by school certificate or less disappeared, such fine leather leather.

5. Look at the choice of foam sponge

The barber chair series products are shaping cotton material, sponge and shape, also have special requirements of the barber chair, high-grade barber chair cushion should be used in the density of 60 kg / m3 high elastic foam sponge, back cushion should use 50 kg / m3 density of the high elastic foam sponge. In order to improve the sitting comfort, some foam which are not lower density under the premise of the soft, some on the cushion in the vertical spring, the barber chair has higher elasticity and aging resistance. Normally, the beauty bed is best when the body sits down, and the chair seat of the hairdresser is about 0.1M.