What are the tools and materials of the nail tool

- Dec 19, 2017-

The nail clipper is mainly used to trim the length. When the length of the nail is moderate, a nail file is used to polish the edge of the nail.

A nail file is used mainly to trim the length and shape of the nail. Please note that! You should choose a round and thin nail file at the end of the purchase.

Its main function is to remove the oil from the fingernail and the fingernail surface, and to remove the extra nail polish on the nail.

[file] sand is mainly used for nail polish on the surface uneven.

[bottom oil] with nail polish before use, can protect the nail, enhance the adhesion of nail polish.

It is mainly used to remove the aging dead skin on the finger. When pushing the dead skin, you should pay attention to it, and do not force too hard to damage methyl or cause pain.

[finger skin forceps] also called nail clippers, mainly for the deduction of dead skin, burns etc..

The polishing file is divided into two sides of the colored surface and the white surface. The order of use is: polishing with colored surface first, and then polishing with white surface again. The polished nail surface will be as lustrous as the nail polish.