What are the key requirements for choosing a beauty bed

- Dec 19, 2017-

Want to live long all depend on the meridian and collaterals! People depend on the blood and blood, and the channels and collaterals are the channels to run blood and blood, and they can also discharge the toxins from the body in the body. Although there are a lot of health care items in the beauty market, only the meridian health is a project that women have always insisted on. The reason is that it can keep health and beauty. So we see that beauty salons are becoming more and more popular.

Many times, when customers buy Beauty and massage furniture with beauty beds and massage beds, they do not consider their practicality. They only value the casual choice of appearance, but do not pay much attention to their practical use function. So many times when the beauty bed new bought back after a period of time, will appear as the bed body is not smooth, shaking, creaking quality such as a lot of problems, especially in the spa body beauty massage time reflects the most obvious, which not only greatly affects the image store.

It is very important to choose a beauty bed, and the key to meet the requirements is:

1) good firmness. The maximum to avoid massage embarrassing creak sound play. If the beauty bed shaking also issued a creak sound, guest satisfaction will greatly discount.

2) the mattress is comfortable. A good beauty bed mattress soft, soft, soft massage, too hard, too hard, the guests are not comfortable.