What Are The Beauty Freckle Instruments?

- Oct 27, 2018-

A woman is born in love with beauty, and the long face is always ten thousand unhappy. In the long run, it really affects the mood and the state of life. So a lot of women are plagued by color spots are looking for the best freckle instruments now, to restore fair beauty. The way to dispel speckle is quite a few, and all kinds of schools are reasonable. But what is the best beauty freckle instrument now?

Freckle instrument is what we often say that the e light beauty equipment, is also a kind of photorejuvenation. E light beauty is a kind of advanced high-tech beauty technology, is a system of IPL technology, RF technology and skin cooling technology as a whole, can be targeted to specific treatment according to each person's skin problems. Light irradiation on the skin surface, penetrate into deep skin, selective effect on skin pigmentation may decompose pigment spots, closed blood vessels, improve skin redness, a variety of problems, but also affect the skin collagen regeneration, filling loose skin, remove wrinkles, make the skin becomes compact and smooth.

In addition to the daily skincare blemish to dark yellow, e light beauty instrument to stain more safe and effective. E light beauty instrument through the emission wavelength of a strong pulse light to the surface of the skin, the skin penetration to the organization, the photothermal effect produced by closed vessel, decomposition and rupture of pigment tissue, sweeping facial pigmentation, the skin fresh and cool and bright. At the same time, photochemical action can stimulate collagen and elastic fibers, enhance blood vessel function and speed up blood circulation. It will restore the elasticity of the skin under the impact of energy, remove the dark yellow, dilute the facial defects, and make the skin more whitening and youthful.

Laser speckle instrument

The treatment time of laser pigmented spot is relatively short. After every treatment, a new metabolic process is needed to skin. Therefore, the most interval time is 3 months. According to the size, quantity and depth of pigmented and vascular lesions, some treatments can achieve the expected effect one or two times, and generally take 4 to 6 times to solve the problem completely.

Laser therapy is highly targeted and effective. Its immediate effect and side effects are very small. It is easy to leave traces. But we should pay attention to long-term maintenance and sun protection after operation. Pay attention to skin moisturizing and maintenance is particularly important.

LED red and blue light freckle treatment instrument

Red blue light is based on blue light effect on skin surface, kill Propionibacterium acnes and has antibacterial anti-inflammatory effect, and it also can effectively inhibit the secretion of sebaceous gland oil, prevent the recurrence of acne, and red light can pass through the skin surface, acting on the scar tissue, promote cell secreted collagen and to dispel acne the effect of repair, pock.