The Concept of Cosmetic

- Aug 25, 2018-

The English word “Cosmetic” originated from the Greek term : "Kosmetik". According to the health regulations by the Department of Health "DOH", cosmetics are to be applied over the external part of the human body to miosturize skin, stimulate the sense of smell, eliminate odors, and/or establish one's  appearance. In order to give customers proper directions, those who are engaged in the cosmetology profession should fully undertand the ingredients, physical and chemical qualities, and the directions of all kind of cosmetics. 

Generally speaking, the ordinary cosmetics we would come across everyday can be classified into the following categories: body cleansing products, skin care products, make-up cosmetics, perfume, hair products, and special effect nake-up products. One should select cosmetics that suit one's own age,skin color, and skin quality/condition. Also, check the label on the container to see if the ingredients are proper for your skin. Before applying cosmetics, one should carefully read the instructions and clean both hands and the portion of the body where the products is to be applied. If there is any unhealthy reaction after application of a product, stop the usage immediately.