Teach you to use white vinegar skin care beauty

- Dec 19, 2017-

1. how to use white vinegar for skin care

Using white vinegar skin care and beauty is a little trick. Generally, we can put some white vinegar into the wash water, so that we can achieve the effect of moisturizing the skin. In fact, we can also use white vinegar and glycerin to match it, and the effect will be better. The white vinegar together with the ratio of 2:1, then it can be used to wipe the skin, can use 2~3 times a day, so not only can effectively moisturize the skin, can effectively get rid of melanin, the skin becomes more delicate, partial black skin MM can try Oh, whitening and moisturizing effect of vinegar or very good.

2 white vinegar skin care have side effects

Vinegar has played a significant role in their beauty, but a lot of MM to worry about whether it has side effects, especially will not stimulate the skin, wash your face with white vinegar, although actually contain the chemical composition of vinegar, but there is no harm to the skin, and when the water is too hard and can add some white vinegar in water and reduce the harm to the skin.

3 avoid white vinegar to stimulate the skin

Vinegar contains some acids, it is some gentle stimulation to the skin, it can make blood vessels expand, and then kill some bacteria on the skin, makes the skin smooth, but in the use of white skin, if the proportion is not a good deployment, will cause some irritation to the skin, and not completely harmless.

4 white vinegar skin care issues

White vinegar beauty tips the need to pay attention to is the selection and deployment of white vinegar, white vinegar is acidic and corrosive, so we must choose to plant brewing vinegar, rather than industrial vinegar, but also to reduce the concentration of dilute it with warm water, when in use, must not be used directly.