Solus Por Aqua (SPA)

- Aug 18, 2018-

SPA originated from the Latin word Solus Por Aqua. Solus means health, Por means via, and Aqua means water. SPA is a kind of hydrotherapy that relaxes the body through massage, wrapping and application of cosmetics to the body. You will be able to temporarily escape from busy life in a professional SPA beauty center by its atmosphere and services.

A professional SPA beauty center would offer one-to-one services that are safe,clean,comfortable,and friendly in a quite and personal VIP rooms. Customers can get compelete relaxtion in a highly private setting. All the beauticians possess the esthetician certification and have received proper training on product usage and service skills and techniques. The services include massage treatment, acupressure, lymph circulation treatment,foot massage,body care (skin care and slim treatment), facial treatment ,aromatherapy hydrotherapy,mineral mudbath,manicure,etc. As for the facilities, there are sauna,steam room,nutrition and weight consultation center, diet bar, exercise section, etc.

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