Oxygen Beauty Instrument Effect And Effect

- Nov 02, 2018-

There must be enough oxygen in the process of human catabolism, and all kinds of nutrients must be combined with oxygen to complete the process of physiological oxidation and produce energy. So oxygen is the key substance of human metabolism, and it is the first need of human life and movement. The body takes the air, water and food.

Facts have proved that the general human body can only keep drinking for 7 days without obtaining enough oxygen and can maintain life for about 3 days. But if the diet is not lacking but can not get oxygen, it can only last for a few minutes. Therefore, when oxygen is used as a "drug", its nature is purely natural, and has no side effects.

Oxygen is an important substance for the human body to survive, and long-term hypoxia will inevitably produce a series of hazards to the human body. For example:

1. The metabolic rate of oxygen in the body is reduced and the metabolic efficiency of the body is decreased.

2. Hypoxia can aggravate hypertension, aggravate the burden of left heart, and even cause arrhythmia.

3. Hypoxia stimulates the production of erythropoietin in the kidneys, increasing red blood cells in the body, increasing blood viscosity, increasing peripheral vascular resistance, aggravating the burden of the heart, causing or aggravating heart failure, and easily inducing cerebral thrombosis.

4. Long-term brain hypoxia can produce a series of mental and neurological symptoms, such as sleep disorders, mental decline, memory decline, behavioral abnormalities, personality changes, etc.

Brain hypoxia: dizziness headache, tinnitus, nausea, panic, shortness of breath, blurred consciousness and death.

Hypoxic skin: poor skin self renewal, rough hand, coarse pores, fine lines, color spots, black eye, pale yellow and yellow face. Anoxia causes many girls to be young, and the skin is dry, lacking luster and even losing elasticity.

Effect and effect of oxygen injection Cosmetology

Oxygen is closely related to human body. Besides the severe anoxic problem of the atmosphere, the urban life is busy. For a long time, computers and dry air-conditioned offices are lack of aerobic exercise and unhealthy eating habits. Research shows that each person must add 1.44 gallons of oxygen to the surface of the skin per day to maintain the normal growth of 60 megabytes in the body and make new cells.

Healthy skin needs adequate nutrition, but now the air pollution is increasing, and the oxygen content in the atmosphere is declining. If the skin is lack of oxygen, prone to The new supersedes the old. slows, sensitive, thus accelerated skin aging, and many such as yellow complexion, dark spots, wrinkles and other problems, even destroy the balance oil secretion, the skin becomes dull or dull. Scientific research shows that the flow of active components and oxygen can cross natural gaps between cells, so that cells and external circulation system can be renewed, and the regeneration effect of cortex will be achieved.