“NANOMETER” Hair Steamer

- Apr 20, 2018-

Hair Steamer is normall in hair salon, but have you ever heard "Nano" Steamer ?

What is "Nano Steamer" ?

The Nano Steamer device applies the “superheated steamsystem”, uses liquid water to vaporized into single water molecule which diameter is 0.26nm.These nanoscale water molecule (0.26nm) with thermal energy can easily penetrate into 1nm hair cuticle. It can infiltrate to the hair internal with water and nutritious supplement to repair, also it helps hair perming and dying product lead in and enhance the effect.

You can do a lot  with "Nano Steamer" ......

  1. Scalp Care

  2. Hair Care

  3. Hair Coloring

  4. Hair Perm