Introduction to aromatherapy

- Mar 28, 2018-

To say that scents play an important role in the cosmetics industry would be somewhat of an understatement. Many beauty products contain ingredients that give off an attractive fragrance to povide consumers a pleasant experience. However, in aromatheropy it is the therapeutic effect of the aroma that is the key element. Examinng the fundamentals of this ancient pratice, which is also considered alternative medicine.

Aromatherapy involves using oils from plant material, such as an flowers and roots, to help a person's well-being. The extrated oil from plants is known as essential oil, which is believed to have healthful effects. The benefits occur when the oil is both inhaled and absorbed into the skin (often in diluted form).

Skeptics criticize aromatherapy, saying it lacks the scientific proof necessary to verify the beneficial claims made about it. However, many people firmly believe in the positive effects brought about by essential oils. Such as Lavender, which is also said to be helpful for healing burns, is belived to be calming. In fact, it is throught to be relaxing to the point of being a sleep aid. Other oils for assisting realxation include chamomile, lemon, orange, and vanilla.