How to maintain oxygen injection beauty instrument

- Dec 19, 2017-

1, oxygen injecting apparatus should be clean and free of dust and harmful gas environment; air entrance oxygen injecting apparatus shall be located in the well ventilated space, to avoid air pollution or smoke containing oxygen; oxygen injecting apparatus to ensure the bottom exhaust flow when in use, otherwise it will cause overheating; from the connection to the oxygen injection the required performance instrument in 5 minutes; the output of the gas in the rated flow, oxygen concentration of 95%

2, to the humidification bottle filled with water, the dosage should be in high scale; should use the humidification bottle randomly with (humidifier), shall not be replaced; when the oxygen injecting apparatus in abnormal state, the operator should ask the dealer or manufacturer statement for maintenance; when the oxygen injecting apparatus for cleaning items for humidification and filtration cotton and filter, which every 3 days or so to clean the humidification bottle, every 100 hours to clean the external filter cotton, every 3000 hours to clean the filter

3, when the flow control knob is fully open, but the flow meter indicates zero, it must be shut down immediately, then check the malfunction. The machine can't be opened and closed frequently. After shutdown, it will start again. The interval time should not be less than 5 minutes. To prevent air compressor from starting with pressure and affect its life span, do not turn on the power supply when the flow control valve is closed. The water in the humidifying bottle should be changed once every time. If you don't use it for a few days, please drop all the water and dry the humidification bottle