How does hydrogen water works in skin ?

- Feb 03, 2018-

What is Hydrogen Water?

The word "水素水" originate from Japan , it is simply water that, throughseveral means, has extra hydrogen gas added to it. Hydrogen is one of the smallest molecules, which means better penetration into cells, It is shown that hydrogen has anti- inflammatory effect.

Human body is made up of cells, as we know. Free radical, however, have been discovered to be the reason of premature aging of wrinkles and skin, causing collagen cells to bond inappropriately. The hydrogen in Hydrogen Water Machine has powerful penetrability, can reach deep cells easily. Byneutralizing the excess free radical to achieve anti-aging's effect and restoresuppleness of skin.

1. Removes free radicals that cause premature aging and wrinkles 

2. Antioxidant and anti- inflammatory effect 

3.Better hydration on skin and body 

4.Soothes and calms sensitive skin 

5.Suitable for all degrees of sensitivity 

6.Helps reduce oil build up in pores 

7.Reduce acne problems