Freezing Probe Principle

- Feb 07, 2018-

-15°c Freezing Probe can rapid cooling in dozen of seconds, direct to the sub-zero temperatures, quickly make skin calm, reduce skin sensitive situation contractive pores and relieve skins. The main functions are massage facial skin, reduce skin sensitive situation, minimize pores and also maintaining skin hydrated and moisturizing. 

It also has following effects :

1. Cooling down after surgery, reduce redness and swelling.
2. Improve skin’s blood circulation; get rid of the waste from skin, its good for 
skin care products to penetrate into skin. Once        finish body shaping, use -15°c freezing probe.

3. Skin tightening, improve skin conditions and remove eye bags, forehead wrinkles, eye lines.

4. Improve rough skin, minimize pores, repairing the skin after sunburn and facial telangiectasia.