DTY Barber Chair Vs. Others Cheap Barber Chair

- Jan 17, 2018-

We have received many complaints from our customers that talking about DTY's barber chair always expensive than others. But our lovely customer still purchases from us because they trust us!


Let’s see what’s difference between DTY DY-31905 Barber Chair and other factory’s.


1.     Armrest


       DTY use cast iron for side panels ,Some use iron bracket with upholstery.

2.     Back


       We use aluminum for back panel, Others use plastic or fiber glass instead.

3.     Footrest


       DTY use cast iron for footrest which makes the barber chair durable and classical, the copies just use stainless steel

       or aluminum for footrest.

4.     Pump


    DTY use heavy duty hydraulic pump for DY-31905TWG5 barber chair, while

    others may use smaller pump instead.