Choosing the right facial mask

- Mar 27, 2018-

The choice of which facial mask to use depends on skin type and the particular problem being experienced. Serveral common types of masks and their characteristics are listed below:

Clay-Based Masks

There are best for absorbing impurities and toxins from the face. Because clay masks remove excess oil, they are ideal for women with oily skin. They also work to minimize pores and make the skin tighter.

Mud Masks

These are similar to clay masks. Since they are water-based, however, they provide more moisture and are better for women with drier skin.

Paraffin Masks

These waxy substances are believed to be good for all types of skins. They infuse the skin with moisture and help improve blood circulation, softening the skin as well.

Peel-Off Masks

These are good for removing dead skin, cleaning pores, and refining pores and fine lines. Most peel-off masks come in a gel form.

Cream Masks

The skin is enriched and replenished by these masks, which are useful for women with dry skin. Hydrating and repairing the skin are two important functions of this category of masks.