Barber chairs and mirror counter with skills

- Dec 19, 2017-

Hairdressing industry has developed to the integration of hairdressing and hairdressing. People's demand for hairstyle is no longer a mere hairstyle correction, but requires hair stylists to provide professional hairstyle guidance and hair care services. So to become a professional hairdresser in the eyes of people is first to work under the store. Today we have to introduce the barber chair and chiffonier collocation skills.

1, the shape and collocation of a haircut chair

Plastic art is a big selling point of barber chair. The unique shape can catch the eye of buyer. But how do we choose when barber chair has unique shape? Usually, the mirror cabinet square collocation barber chair, this will give people a sense of line, make the whole space full of vitality.

2, the material collocation of a haircut chair

With the continuous development of hairdressing industry, barber chair material is various, what material collocation barber chair what material mirror cabinet? Usually people choose the same kind of haircut chair to match, in fact, different material hair chair can also match the good effect.