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about Some of the content and development of the company Welocome to our store DONG TIAN YANG INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. (D.T.Y.) is situated in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, with one of the largest factory complexes in this area, approximately 25,000 square meters. Barber Chair  Hot

Hot Products

    • Electric Double Pot Wax Warmer

      Electric Double Pot Wax Warmer

      Features ● Honey WAX contains rich Vitamin C.E.D. Treats the skin with care and makes it smooth and shining. ● It can be used to product your face and is an ideal way to protect your skin of neck, hands, feet and even the whole body. Operation way ● Put honey wax in the wax warmer ● Turn...

    • Deluxe Ozone Hair Steamer with Timer

      Deluxe Ozone Hair Steamer with Timer

      Description Steam hair oiling enables hair micro cells to expand, and let the nutrition of the hair oil penetrate into the hair to facilitate the head blood circulation and make hair smooth and lustrous. Frequent using it will eliminate scurf, keep hair clean and comfortable, and make you looks...